The future on two wheels

E-mobility is a big part ouf our future. With our choice of electric bikes the future starts today. Experience this very special driving pleasure. It combines powerful engines and zero-emission driving pleasure with massive fuel and running cost reductions. From bikes to scooters and motorcycles – all of them German Made – we guarantee quality, environmental awareness and a superior driving experience.



A new dimension of driving pleasure not just due to the range of 120km but also to the poweful and reliable 250 Watt Bosch engine.


With an acceleration of only 3.9 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, 144Nm of torque and zero-emission driving pleasure the E-motorcycle catapults you through the streets.


…or try the cross-version – if you prefer to go off-road.


With a range of 70km and a top speed of up to 86kph it is the perfect alternative to regular petrol-based scooters.

Charging stations

Quick-charge-stations for an optimised charging process, up to a quarter of the usual charging times.