About us

The Energia Globale GmbH is headquartered in the green heart of Europe (Black Forest). We develop, build and install global energy solutions. We are passionate about alternative energy and created the combined cycle power plant as a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

We pride ourselves in supplying a wide range of customers from various industries to communities right down to the most important individual household. Installations can supplement mains power, mainly used in industrial applications, or they can operate as highly efficient local power stations for communities or even standalone homes. The company is family owned, locally based and international connected in accordance with our greenhouse gas reduction scheme.


The company’s combined cycle power plant (protected by international patents), our hybrid innovations and holistically engineered solar, wind, lightning, ventilation, heater, e-mobility and green supplied advertising screens are made for two reasons: to give something back to nature and to our clients.
We have a number of different certifications, such as CE, VDE, DIN and others, are plant planer, operator and controller which guarantee that our units always perform in a highly sustainable and economically uplifting way. All always combined with solid environmentally friendly construction and legendary German engineering.

Our concept is unique on the world market in that it utilizes a global portfolio of sustainable energy solutions.
With our units, we have the means to illuminate entire industrial zones or to build self-sufficient power plants for isolated and forward-looking communities, in short we can fill the need for electrical energy in just about any situation.

Energia Globale brings to you an economical and fully sustainable alternative concept of energy generated for free by sun, wind and cleverness. Our service to you includes a comprehensive pre-analysis of your specific situation and requirements, the renewable energy installations planning, their delivery and realization on place in order to ensure you will get the best possible great-grandson-fit solution for your needs.

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