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The world moves us and we move the world. Humans demand for instantly available and locally organized energy and its green organized satisfaction is the crucial factor of a sustainable future of our wonderful planet. Environmentally sustainable technologies are needed to run and let run in harmony with nature. Wind and sun power are providing an immense potential to supply green electricity to everyone who is willed to do more than nothing. Nature is providing atmosphere friendly unlimited resources to deliver the best energy you can get. That is what we do.

We do plan, invent and construct everything required to generate locally and healthy produced sustainable electricity and electrical driven services to households, communities and the industry as well as we design, manage and create central units and solutions to dramatically lower the carbon footprint and to guarantee for a great-grandson-fit atmosphere.


Energia Globale combines green technic in a holistically thought power plan and integrates both, solar and wind power in one system creating amazing possibilities to satisfy the future energy needs worldwide. We need local, decentralized and intelligent supply solutions all over the world wherever power is needed. With patented and clever answers to the climate change like the combined cycle power plant we are taking the first step in introducing strategies to keep our environment alive. It is simply a clean, economical and totally renewable energy concept.

The Energia Globale concept is made to extract the renewable energy potential on place of use as most efficient as possible. The components are locally and global. Engineered in the lovely green heart of Europe, the black forest, Germany. Built to guarantee you an optimal outcome for every personal situation on base of the specific climate and energy consumption conditions. Everybody can be a powerful part of the 21st century energy turnover and our concept helps you to play a crucial role by using your own renewable power plants and energy solutions.